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Wat kun jij meenemen naar Turkije en hoeveel

Het is weliswaar in Engels, maar wel de meest  uitgebreide versie die u kunt vinden:
Who is "Traveler"?   Turkish citizens residing in a foreign country and foreigners who come to the Turkish Customs Zone via overland routes, railroads, maritime lines or airlines from a foreign country or Turkish citizens or foreigners residing in Turkey who are returning to Turkey permanently or temporarily from the foreign country they went to and similar Turkish citizens or foreigners who are traveling to a foreign country with the same purposes using the same ways.   Who is not considered as traveler?   Boat or ship captains, crew and servants, railroad and sleeping wagon and dining wagon personnel such as train chief, conductor, ticket seller, controller, stoker, train guard, restaurant chief, waitress, persons who are in charge with guiding the automobiles, busses, trucks, aircrafts, other land, sea and air transportation vehicles and with the services regarding passengers and luggage are not considered as passengers.